CDM Belvoir Leather Balsam 500ml
Feeds and nourishes leather. Ideal for new, fine or water saturated leatherDescriptionAn intensive c..
CDM Belvoir Tack Cleaner Step 1 500ml
Step 1 – Effectively cleans leather; removing dirt, grease and sweat with easeDescriptionNo need to ..
CDM Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner
Keeps the mane and tail sleek, tangle-free and luxuriously softDescriptionCanter Mane and Tail Condi..
CDM Coat Shine 500ml
Provides an instant, long-lasting sheenDescriptionCanter Coat Shine helps repel grass stains, mud an..
CDM Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Barrier 500ml
Strengthens and supports hoof structure to improve health and shoe retentionDescriptionAdvanced form..
CDM Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Moisturiser 500ml
Helps prevent cracks, splits and damaged hoof structuresDescriptionPrimarily for use in dry conditio..
CDM Cornucrescine Hoof Dressing 500ml
Nourishes and maintains healthy hoovesDescriptionA nourishing dressing based on the original Cornucr..
CDM Cornucrescine Hoof Ointment
Unique formulation that promotes and accelerates healthy hoof growthDescriptionA unique, traditional..
CDM Cornucrescine Tea Tree Hoof Oil 500ml
Maintains and protects the hoof, leaves a long-lasting show-ring shineDescriptionA modern alternativ..
CDM Dreamcoat Spray Ultimate Coat Finish
Produces the ultimate high gloss, non-greasy finishDescriptionOutshine the competition with Dreamcoa..
CDM Flygard Extra Strenght Insect Repellent 500ml
Powerful insect repellent; repels midges and all flying and biting insects effectively.DescriptionEx..
CDM Flygard with Coat Conditioners 500ml
Gentle yet effective insect repellentDescriptionAn effective, long lasting, summer spray. This water..
CDM Gallop Conditioning Shampoo 500ml
Conditioning shampoo that removes dirt, grease and dustDescriptionGallop Conditioning Shampoo has a ..
CDM Gallop Extra Strenght Shampoo 500ml
Powerful cleaning for dirty, greasy or light coloured coatsDescriptionGallop Extra Strength Shampoo ..
CDM Gallop Medicated Shampoo 500ml
Deep cleaning, medicated shampoo with added coat conditionersDescriptionGallop Medicated Shampoo is ..
CDM Gallop Stain Removing Shampoo 500ml
Super powerful stain removing shampoo for stubborn ingrained stainsDescriptionGallop Stain Removing ..
CDM Ice Blue Cooler Gel
Quickly cools and soothes hot, tired or filled legsDescriptionFast acting, easy to use leg cooler ge..
CDM Natural Insect Repellent 500ml
Effective natural formula, repels midges and all flying and biting insectsDescriptionNatural Insect ..
CDM Protection Plus Anti Bacterial Salve  500gram
An Anti-bacterial salve to protect and waterproof vulnerable areasDescriptionThis antibacterial pink..
CDM Saddle & Leather Conditioner Brecknell Turner Tin
A traditional soft wax formulation to thoroughly condition leather saddleryDescriptionAn alternative..
CDM Stain Master 500ml
Unbeatable for removing green spots and stable stainsDescriptionIdeal for removing dirt and manure s..
CDM Tack Cleaning Sponge
Ideal for applying cleaners or conditioners to all types of leatherDescriptionA high density, hard w..
CDM Tack Cleaning Wipes 15Pack
Convenient, single-use impregnated wipe removes surface dirt and mud with easeDescriptionConvenient ..
CDM Tack Conditioner Step 2 600ml
Softens, Preserves and Shines Saddlery LeatherDescriptionMade from the original recipe to condition,..
CDM Vanner & Prest Hoof Oil
Provides a show-ring shine and helps maintain healthy hoovesDescriptionA traditional formulation com..
CDM Vanner & Prest Neatsfoot Oil
Nourishes and restores old and new leatherDescriptionFast acting, deep penetrating formula containin..
CDM Wound Cream 180gram
Antibacterial cream that aids the natural healing processDescriptionAdvanced, scientific formula all..
Cribbing Strap
Aluminium alloy with fully adjustable buckle closure...
Foran Blue Spray
For use as a general antiseptic to help fight bacteria and germs...
Hy Cotton Wool
100% Cotton. All purpose, first aid veterinary care cotton wool roll for softness and absorbency. Us..
Hygiene Spray 200ML
An essential component of every first aid kit, an antibacterial wound spray. Active ingredients are ..
Hyviz Reflector Brushing Boots
Bright and reflective, these lightweight neoprene brushing boots in black and fluorescent yellow hav..
Hyviz Reflector Over Reach Boots Yellow
These fluorescent neoprene over reach boots are the perfect way to make sure you are seen on the roa..
Hyviz Reflector Tail Guard
Be seen from the back with this fluorescent tail guard. With a fleece underside to keep the dock pro..
Jabs V-Flex Bandage
Breathable, durable, stretchy and sticky. They stick to themselves but do not stick to the skin or h..
Keratex Hoof Putty 200Gram
This flexible wax plugs holes in the sole of the hoof, preventing the damage that can be caused if g..
Leovet Phaser Fly Spray 500ML
Total protection against all insects and horse flies. An optimised blend of active ingredients guara..
Lincoln Pig Oil and Sulphur
A ready to use preparation combining the beneficial effects of Pig Oil with that of Sulphur. Availab..
Lincoln Pig Oil Spray 500ML
A coat gloss, waterproof barrier and skin conditioner...
Lincoln Pig Oil Spray 500ML
A coat gloss, waterproof barrier and skin conditioner...
Naff Off Citronella Fly Spray 750ML
Long lasting, effective Citronella spray for summer coats...
Overreach Boots
Overreach boots with velcro fastening...
Shapleys Ease Out No Rinse Shampoo 946ml
It is an excellent product for last minute clean ups or when it is too cold outside you don't have e..
Shapleys Equitone Shampoo 473ml
EquiTone Shampoos were voted the ‘Top Pick’ for colour enhancement by the esteemed Horse JournalEqui..
Shapleys Hi Gloss Finishing Spray
Hi Gloss is the ‘Top Pick’ by the esteemed Horse Journal for finishing sprays.Hi Gloss is a light, o..
Shapleys Hi Shine Shampoo 946ml
Hi Shine Shampoo is an outstanding clarifying shampoo that gently deep cleans hair. It produces a ri..
Shapleys Light Oil No.1
No. 1 Light Oil is a fine conditioning oil for the coat and skin. It adds a light shine to the coat ..
Shapleys Magic Sheen 946ml
Magic Sheen was voted by the esteemed Horse Journal as the ‘Top Choice’ silicone hair polish on the ..
Shapleys Mane Mousse Spray 14Oz
Mane Mousse is an essential, time saving braiding and banding aide. It provides optimum control and ..
Shapleys MTG Original 946ml
Developed by a barber in 1938 to treat human skin conditions, Original M-T-G has proven itself to be..
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