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XL-ENT Foal pellets are a complementary feed for foals enabling sustained growth and are designed to boost your foal’s intake for a balanced growth rate allowing optimum size & performance of your future equine athlete.

Soft, palatable pellets of milk and plant raw materials make the pellets easy for the foal to eat. XL-ENT Foal pellets are designed to be fed to foals in the early days of their lives up to 8 months of age for sustained & balanced growth.

Designed for

  • Foals who are not receiving enough milk from the mare
  • Orphaned foals Foals who need extra supplementation
  • Before & after weaning for optimum development.
  • Optimising solid feed intake
The Facts

Foal pellets are a low starch feed which contain complementry high quality protein which is absolutely essential for proper growth and development of young horses.